Pics and tweetables from the third day at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2019

lead photo above: Andy Craven-Griffith during the Read to Me: Poetry session. photo©Rio Helmi


Fiona Wright, Astrid Edwards, Megan K Stack, Archana Pidathala during the Domestic Spaces session    photo©Suki Zoe

Archana Pidathala:
“There are three things, which once a woman starts earning money, are outsourced. Cooking, cleaning and caring for children. You have to give them up to do better stuff in life.”
Megan Stack:
“‘You’re so lucky you’re having a baby in China because help here is cheap’. Shao Li was transferring her own maternal instincts into my baby. Her own child was left in a village with her grandmother.”
“Impoverished migrant labor is key to all economies.”

Nirwan Dewanto at the Precious Peatlands session.   photo ©Rio Helmi

“We should expand the scope of what is called literature.  Literature is not a noun,  it is a verb, a very liquid quality. Scientific writers like Stephen Hawkings, Oliver Sacks etc are writing literature.”

“The best literature to deal with the problem of the environment is children’s literature. Does literature for adults have the same impact?”


Butet Manurung during the Precious Peatlands session:

“In the forest when i was teaching hunter gatherers (Orang Rimba) in the forest we would hear the sound of chainsaws around us,  it was almost like an orchestra.  Then everytime a tree crashed to the ground everyone would go quiet,  it was like some one had died.”

Saras Dewi in the Precious Peatlands session      photo©Rio Helmi

“The narrative is more than hard fact but includes empathy for the land,  for the sea – something  which literature and arts can do.”

Robert Evans in the Vice up Your Life session    photo ©Suki Zoe
“One of the reasons it’s not traumatic in the moment is because you’re with other people. It’s when you get back to your apartment alone that it hits you. “
Lucy Inglis, Robert Evans, Luke Williams during the Vice up Your Life session   photo©Suki Zoe
Luke Williams:
“It leads to a situation where you lose your own agency if you say addiction is a disease.”
Terence Ward and Reza Aslan in “God, A Human History”  photo ©Suki Zoe
Reza Aslan:
“I like to call it ‘Religious impulse’ rather than faith or religion.”
“Burials imply religious behavior. There is no other reason to bury a body – it’s impractical and expensive.” 
Raymond Antrobus (left) with moderator Michael Vatikiotis in the Language Life Support session  photo©Suki Zoe
Jenny Zhang reading in the Read to Me: Poetry  session in Taman Baca   photo©Rio Helmi
Pak Sutedja Neka of the Neka Museum, the largest venue for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival since 2004  photo©Suki Zoe
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