TEDxUbud returns to Bali on Saturday, September 6th, 2014. The fourth edition will feature another amazing lineup of Indonesian and international entrepreneurs, designers, storytellers, and performers sharing their ideas with a curated audience of 300 at Fivelements. TEDxUbud and Ubud Now and Then are showcasing the 2014 speakers over the next month with a sneak peek at what they will sharing on the TEDxUbud stage.

Our spotlight today falls on four very different individuals- two performers and two speakers. The two speakers are both experts on Indonesia in their own fields and are coming to us from England to share their ideas worth spreading. The two performers play with bamboo instruments, but offer two completely different experiences for the listener.


Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop is modernizing Indonesia’s history. Annabel is Lead Curator for Southeast Asia at the British Library, London, responsible for the Indonesian and Malay collections. She was brought up in Brunei and studied at Bristol University and at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, where she obtained her Ph.D. in 2002 with a thesis on Malay seal inscriptions: a study in Islamic epigraphy from Southeast Asia. Her main research interests are in Malay manuscripts, letters, documents and seals, and the art of the Islamic book in Southeast Asia.

Annabel will be helping Indonesia’s incredible history speak to us in her TEDxUbud talk. Her work focuses on digitizing Malay manuscripts and she has made some fascinating discoveries over the years. She will have you lining up to read old manuscripts by the end of her talk!


Roaring, honest and endearing are a few of the words that have been used to describe TEDxUbud 2014 performer, Rizal Abdulhadi.

Rizal Abdulhadi is a uniquely talented multi-instrumentalist, folk singer, and social activist from West Java, Indonesia, who has dedicated his music to struggle for real change and a more creative Indonesia and world. His latest project is called “Rasendriya”- an instrument he independently created from bamboo, combining guitar with didgeridoo and percussion. His lyrics, in both Indonesian and English, talk of travel, adventure, democracy, and opportunity.

Rizal spent over four years traveling and playing concerts through his homeland of Indonesia between the years of 2008-2012, since then touring with his music through Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. His new album “Rizal and Rasendriya, Away”  featuring his newly invented instrument and 5 musicians from Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia and Indonesia.


We’ve been waiting for many years to say this- welcome to TEDxUbud, Elizabeth Pisani! Elizabeth is a TED All-Star speaker invited back to the TED stage to celebrate TED’s 30th birthday in 2013.

Elizabeth Pisani eats dog for dinner. She also takes tea with the dead and argues with local politicians about corruption and idleness. It’s the result of a “just say yes” rule she adopted for 2012, when she travelled 23,000 kilometres by boat, bus and motorbike through Indonesia. It’s a country that has fascinated and maddened her since she first lived there over two decades ago. Her book Indonesia Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation, is a clear-eyed, though not unsympathetic, portrait of a complex and contradictory land.

In her day job Elizabeth studies risky behaviour (when not engaging in it herself). She has a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and other degrees in Classical Chinese and Medical Demography. In a previous life, she was a political correspondent for Reuters and The Economist, covering stock markets, revolutions, and the messy end to the occupation of Tiananmen Square.

She has lived in a dozen countries and can flirt at a bar in several languages, including Indonesian. Her first book The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS argued that the fight against HIV was derailed because institutional interests trumped the facts and common sense.


Performing this year at TEDxUbud, is Duncan McKee. We can’t wait for you to see him action!

Duncan is a jazz pianist, composer and educator from the UK. Throughout his 20 year career, he’s played over 2,000 performances with some of the world’s best musicians such as Dale Barlow, Michael Bolton and Bali’s very own Balawan. He composes music for HBO, Discovery Channel and other major networks and leads his own groups Tembusu and The Duncan McKee Trio. He was an instrumental teacher on the Jazz Degree programme at LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore) as well as UK artist Jamie Cullum’s piano teacher, who went on to be the UK’s highest paid jazz musician.

Duncan works with leading organizations (70% of Fortune 100s) helping to improve the way they work together by modeling the effective leadership skills of musicians. For the past two years he’s been developing a new bamboo musical instrument for classroom education. His belief is that music extends much further than the arts; instead it’s our collaborative language and is the most authentic demonstration of how people work effectively together.

Duncan is bringing a big surprise for our TEDxUbud audience. To find out more, we’re afraid you’ll just have to wait and see!

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