by Richard Horstman


The inner being, or the subconscious mind, is programmed with a unique language of symbols and colors. Art has an essence and a mysterious ability to connect to the inner being – by talking directly to emotions and feelings.


When we are confronted with abstract images, that are non-representative of reality, seemingly void of logic or lacking beauty, and at the expense of any apparent painterly skill, they may be easily dismissed as having little or no value at all.


On the contrary, abstract art is an expression designed to represent something more than what is apparent on the surface. It is a search for what lies beyond the object.


At the Komaneka Fine Art Gallery in Ubud, Hanafi’s exhibition “Migrasi Kolong Meja” opened on the 22nd December and continues until 22 January 2014. Hanafi, (b.1960, Purworejo, Central Java) was educated at School of Fine Arts Indonesia (SSRI) Yogyakarta, 1976–79 and he currently resides in Depok, West Java.




“Migrasi Kolong Meja #10” is characterized by open plains of soft white with a few dashes of grey and yellow sparingly applied, and some simple yet crude lines depicting boxes. This work allows a freedom to explore the large spaces of the 200 x 200cm canvas, with only a few interruptions in color disparities and form to hinder the eye and mind in its “light and breezy” journey across the composition.


“Migrasi Kolong Meja #14”, perhaps the most powerful work in the exhibition, is a departure, and a work of complete contrast. The painting is dark and moody, yet vibrant and alive. He offers 3 structures, objects of contemplation for added consideration. The work becomes extraordinarily complex in its coloration and the subtle interrelationship between the various hues – browns, deep ochers, touches of deep blue, red and green.




These works are purely spontaneous expressions by the artist- an authentic emotional process that is deeply personal to Hanafi – yet while we engage in these works somehow feelings unfold before our eyes.


“Migrasi Kolong Meja” by Hanafi continues through to 22 January 2014.


Komaneka Fine Art Gallery. Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud Open Daily. Ph: 03614012218