On Sunday the 9th of March, India Arie gave a benefit concert for education and in particular for programs at the Green School and Pelangi School. The concert, held at the Yoga Barn’s open air deck drew more than capacity crowd (who knew so many people in Ubud stood on their heads and would chant Om at a concert).

India’s infectious warmth drew everyone in, at times falling into reverie at others jumping to their feet and dancing. Rio Helmi went along with his cameras to check it out..


First things, first, and each to their own. As India started her sound check, aided by audio techie supreme Antida Darsana, a pemangku blessed the stage (and possibly the whole concert to boot). Insurance of some kind…



The sound check also involved tutoring two students from the Green School who India had picked out from the school band to play percussion during the concert.



The crowd started coming in two hours before the concert started at 6:45.

And then finally it was time to start the actual concert. India appeared all in white, with her guitar.



First off  though was a bit of a spray of insect repellent which made a fine cloud..



And then it was music time


Time for the concert in earnest.




India soon had the audience swooning.




Almost hidden in the background at times was her mother, Simpson, who besides having taught India how to sing, also sings back up for her daughter.


And then there’s guitarist Blue Miller, another important ingredient. Blue has been part of India’s act since she began, and apparently co-writes  some  songs as well.


One young fan at least was not shy to express his affection: “We love you” he cried and slipped past the security unto the stage and gave India a big hug… (this photo by Suki Zoe)


And finally, after nearly two hours, it’s a wrap. (Is that’s what it’s called when Meghan hands you a bouquet? 🙂 )


On the way back to the dressing  room India seems to still have the energy to deal with (adult) fans…