Valerie Plame is a spy with an extraordinary story to tell.

On April 17th, she’ll appear at a special UWRF-hosted event at Indus Restaurant – your way of getting an off-season festival fix!

You may recognise her name from the political scandal that rocked the Bush administration in 2003, when covert CIA ops officer Plame became ‘fair game’ in the White House’s campaign of misinformation about the Weapons of Mass Destruction and the reasons for going to war in Iraq. Or you might remember her 2007 memoir based on that time, which was turned into a well-received film starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.


And now, get used to seeing the New York Times bestselling author’s name – along with co-writer Sarah Lovett – etched big and bold on the cover of the thrilling Blowback books. The first in the espionage saga follows the adventures of a, “young, blonde, lithe” Vanessa Pierson who Plame describes as a, “younger, smarter version of me.”




The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is delighted to be welcoming Valerie to Ubud, Bali on Thursday April 17 for an intimate evening of conversation in one of UWRF’s most-loved main venues, Indus Restaurant. Join us to hear more about Valerie’s fascinating background, her journey to picking up the pen, and her fiery fictional alter ego, Vanessa.


The 2014 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival will be held from 1–5 October 2014 and will celebrate the theme of Saraswati | Wisdom & Knowledge.


Thursday April 17, 2014
7pm-8.30pm (doors open 6pm)
Indus Restaurant, Jl. Raya Sanginggan, Ubud, Bali
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