While the common perception of Bali Spirit Festival is that it is primarily a yoga festival, in fact the nocturnal side of things is busy with music of all kinds. The festival might have kicked off with a little bhakti event but the nightly concerts were an eclectic blend of many styles, instruments, and apparel. The festive spirit was infectious; all that stretching and flexing seemed to have simply primed the crowd for the evening fun.

Cosmic, funky, didgeridoo, synthesizers, boomboxes, keyboards, guitars flutes, vocals, gongs… And lots of lithe bodies pulsating across the stage and through the audience dressed in all kinds of gear.

feature photo above: Dustin Thomas illuminated         all photos except “bhakti” directly below  ©Rio Helmi

suki-zoe-bali-spirit-bhakti-web1The opening night was pretty bhakti, but that wasn’t the rule for the evenings. photo ©Suki Zoe

_RIO1308Deya Dova’s ur-tribal sound thumping to synthesizer … and that wild outfit. Songlines for Ubud.


We believe it’s called a bull-roarer in English, and yes it’s tribal. If we’re not wrong, indigenous Australian.



And then some showy outfits and dances from the newly formed dayak dance academy in Palangkaraya. No dyed feathers here…




An older Ngaju Dayak tribesman from the heartland, Philius, shows the youngsters (and the nice young lady in the audience) how it’s done.



Toni Childs gathers all the women around  for a friendly, loving moment, quite touching.


Apparently our photographer used to listen to her on a Sony Walkman. You know, kind of like an iPod but with moving parts.



And from California, Deb Rubin’s tribal fusion dance.


And from Sweden, Marcus Berg of Markendeya (you’d think they’re from Ubud with a name like that).



These ladies were fun: great moves, great music. Farafi are billed as Afro Folk from USA and India but everyone in the audience was trying to figure out what language they were singing in.


Darlini Singh Kaul, ladies and gentlemen.



Starting young: “So how old were you when you went to your first outdoor concert?”


Lots of enthusiasm


Look who snuck into the press pit.



This might be why they’re all grinning. Dustin Thomas: big hair, big smile, the book says. Big energy we say, Ja.


The man can’t resist a crowd!


And the girls  can’t resist him.


Three big cheers for Meghan and the Bali Spirit crew. Wow, what a production the last 5 days has been.


And a mixed crew – Pachamantra


The battle of the whatsits. Vieux Cissokho with Keith Kala


Girl had all the moves.



There was this guy in the crowd…


It’s a wrap!!!!