Rio-Helmi-PhotographerWelcome to Ubud Now & Then!

Rio Helmi, who leads the team at Ubud Now & Then, is an Indonesian photographer who has spent 35 of the last 40 years in Ubud. He has seen many changes and new developments in the town he calls home. Together with a team of long-time Ubud inhabitants, he aims to share what is best about Ubud with you – the creativity and cultural dynamism – along with plenty of insider tips and insights.

Ubud is undergoing enormous changes, and Ubud Now & Then doesn’t shy away from the issues raised by rapid development; nor will we sell you false notions of what you’re coming to see. But we’re also plugged into what’s wonderful here. And there is much that is wonderful.

We’re constantly exploring and sharing (and where possible, helping to conserve) the beauty of Ubud’s age-old traditions, as well as the fresh ideas and innovations that are pouring into the town daily, keeping this a place that’s ever-dynamic and CatrionaMitchellPic sminteresting. Keep an eye on our blogs for the latest in Ubud’s news and cultural life.

From time to time we have a special focus on Ubud as it used to be, via photos and blogs by people who knew the town before the days of mass tourism. This is especially for those with nostalgic or romantic memories of Ubud in its former incarnation, with its unpaved streets, absence of phone lines or electricity, and freedom from the hum of motorbikes.

Check in regularly for our latest info on Ubud now, and Ubud then!

– Catriona Mitchell, Editor