Our intrepid photographer Suki Zoe covered some of the events of Day 1 at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2016 and sent us some of her snaps…

featured photo, top:  Shandra Woworuntu – “In 2008 I went to Capitol Hill to tell my story. I’m still taking anti-anxiety medication and seeing a psychotherapist.”


suki-zoe-uwrf16-23“We’ll have another king, but the magic is gone” Voranai Vanijaka on Thailand’s monarchy


suki-zoe-uwrf16-13“I’m still too young to take credit for the things that I do. I’m still the product of the choices my parents made” Yassmin Abdel-Magied


“Who is this Great Leader, and what’s going here? How do I explain as a writer of the English language to the rest of the world the in-depth story of North Korea?” Suki Kim


“Democracy for them is an anathema. They believe that only god can rule, only god has sovereignty over the people.” Helon Habila, about the Boko Haram.


Question from an impassioned member of the  audience during the “At the Extreme” panel on the subject of terrorism in Indonesia.

All photographs ©Suki Zoe