photographer / tweeter Suki Zoe’s take on day 1 at the 2019 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

(lead photo: Lemn Sissay)

Lemn Sissay in  My Name is Why: “It was a land grab. Everyone was writing themselves into me.” 

Kate Evans moderating ‘Lemn Sisay: My Name is Why’


Robbie Arnott (left) and Guy Gunaratne (right)  in the Location, Location, Location session

HM Naqvi listening to another writer read during the  Location, Location, Location session:

“I have no imagination. If I’m not there, if I can’t smell the salt from the sea, I have difficulty expressing that in prose,” 



Enlightenment for All: from left to right – Moderator Ketut Yuliarsa Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, Rio Helmi

From the Enlightenment for all session:

Kadek Sonia Piscayanti:

‘Commercial spirituality doesn’t impact us because we have our own things to think about. Spirituality is finding balance between my roles as teacher, mother, writer and wife.’

Rio Helmi:

There’s a special atmosphere in Ubud where people reinvent themselves. There is no mechanism to say stop. In a normal community there are lines not to cross.


Michael Vatiokitis who stood in as moderator for Debra Yatim (whose flight got delayed) literally at the last minute for The Price of Democracy session (and pulled it off!). 


from the Milk of Paradise session, cultural historian Lucy Inglis:

‘Imperial botanism – using plants to make money’. 


Q&A time during the Enlightenment for All session




all photos ©Suki Zoe



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