“This year you have two festivals for the price of one” – UWRF Director Janet De Neefe, referring to the temple reconsecration, after major renovations, at Campuhan. The gods from various important temples in the region, including Batur, are in attendance for the elaborate festival that will run for one month. (NB This is likely to disrupt traffic!)


“It’s very hard to retrieve Asian voices because always in regard to Asian history, there are these profound silences… it’s very exciting for me to look at these silenced histories.” – Amitav Ghosh (India / USA)


“Writing the stories of those who don’t have a public voice requires sensitivity and delicacy.” – Robyn Davidson (Australia)


“Indonesian Islam can live peacefully with other religions. There are seven state-recognised religions…. I cannot end my amazement when I travel in Indonesia because the culture is so difference, very rich.” – Azyumardi Azra (Indonesia)


“The glory of Indonesia is its diversity. Indonesians are the most generous and hospitable people on the planet. Indonesians are hospitable even after they’re dead.” – Elizabeth Pisani (UK)

The UWRF main program runs through from October 2nd to October 5th, and features more than 150 writers from around the world. See here for more information.

Photos by Rio Helmi