Public transport is a facility that’s largely overlooked in Indonesia, and Bali is no exception, although there’s talk of building a railway at some point. This accounts for the huge number of motorbikes on the roads here – it’s another cheap(ish) way of getting around.

While staying in Ubud, you’ll want to hire a bicycle, scooter, car or driver depending on your needs. For info on hiring a car or motorbike, see the links here or our ‘Transport Services’ section.


Happily almost every Balinese male will provide transport in one form or another; prepare to be offered a ride wherever you turn. Getting to know your driver is a good way to learn more about the local culture and its people.

There are no metered taxis in Ubud, so you’ll need to negotiate a price (see ‘Taxis & Drivers’ for more info).


A number of agencies around town offer pre-scheduled tours to the main tourist destinations. These are a good option if you’d rather let someone else take care of all the logistics, but spontaneity is of course reduced as a result when you’re following a pre-arranged itinerary. For information on some of the better tours available, see our Activities section under Adventure, Walking, Cycling and White Water Rafting.


Walking is fine for short distances, but on the whole Ubud roads aren’t very pedestrian-friendly; often there are no sidewalks!