Clothing Needs

Because Ubud is warm year-round, you’ll only need very light, airy clothing. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are by far the most comfortable in the humid climate. Anything goes in terms of how revealing your clothes can be, though it’s in bad taste for men to go around town without a shirt or for women to flash too much flesh!

Most people wear casual clothing and flip flops. There are plenty of clothes available inexpensively in the shops and the main market if you’d like to purchase it when you arrive. On occasion you might need smarter clothes or a pair of heels, but only if you’re planning on dining in one of the more upscale restaurants, bars or resorts.

Something to swim in is a must, and one item of clothing with sleeves may come in handy if the evenings get cool or if you plan to venture north of Ubud into the mountains. Walking shoes will come in handy for those wanting to climb a volcano.

Temple dress is required for any religious ceremonies. Again this can be purchased inexpensively from the market, or you can go to the little boutiques scattered around town if you prefer something of finer quality. See our ‘Traditional Dress’ section under Culture’.

Other Needs

A flashlight can be useful, depending on where you decide to stay. Some accommodation is out in the rice fields and if you’re coming home at night, you’ll be grateful for the extra illumination.

Sunscreen is expensive here so it’s best to bring some with you. Same with insect repellent. Although the pharmacies are well stocked, it’s advisable to bring any medication you’re likely to need with you.

If you have a reusable water bottle, bring it! That way you can refill it at water stations, and avoid buying plastic water bottles. The same goes with reusable shopping bags – plastic is a plague in Ubud!