There are plenty of ATMs in Ubud, particularly along Jalan Raya, usually clearly marked with signs that jut out onto the street. Some machines will permit you to withdraw more than others, some allowing as little as Rp1,500,00, which will be dispensed in either Rp50,000 or Rp100,000 notes. The maximum is 3 million Rupiah – try the Permata Bank on Jalan Raya, next to Casa Luna, or outside the Delta supermarket on Jalan Pengosekan. Be aware that your bank will often charge for ATM usage (the fee is often around $5) so you’re better off withdrawing larger amounts at a time.

Changing Money

You’re better off using establishments that specialize in money exchange, rather than doing this in a retail store – you’ll get a better rate. Always check the calculations carefully, and watch out for hidden commission costs, although swindling is not a common problem in Ubud. Credit cards Some shops, hotels and restaurants will accept credit cards, but often with 3% commission added. Our business listings give an indication of which businesses accept credit cards (see credit card icon).


The Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) is used throughout the archipelago (and is not to be confused with the Indian rupee).

The denominations can be quite a challenge – the smallest note comes in the form of Rp1000; other denominations are Rp5000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000 and Rp100,000. Although the notes come in different colours, watch out for the purple 10,000 and the red 100,000 – these can appear similar in certain lights and are therefore easily confused.

US dollars are the most popular alternative currency, and in fact at certain hotels you can pay for your room in dollars. It isn’t uncommon to see prices in the more upscale shops labeled in dollars as well.