There can’t be many places on the planet where children or ‘anak-anak’ are as adored as they are in Bali. Regardless of their age, your children will be welcomed (or even worshipped!) Seeing the responsibility for children as belonging to the whole community not just the parents, the Balinese are in the habit of feeling instant affectionate for the children they meet. It will be useful for you to be able to identify the sex of your baby, if you have one, as you’ll often be asked. Use the term ‘laki laki’ for a boy, and ‘perempuan’ for a girl.


There are plenty of places to stay as a family at any price level. Most hotels have a swimming pool – fun for kids.


It’s easy to find a local person to look after your kids if you need some extra help, whether it‘s for one night’s babysitting or the entire duration of your holiday. Your hotel should be able to help you.

Getting Around

Don’t bother bringing a pram – because of the uneven roads and sidewalks it’s actually really difficult to use one. You’re better off with a baby carry-pack.

Places to Visit

In and around Ubud there are many outings that are equally of interest to children as to adults – visits to the animal and bird parks, walking in the rice fields, the monkey forest, the heron village, white water rafting (which is fairly gentle), day-trips to the beach, or going a shadow puppet or barong dance performance, to name a few. See our Activities section.

Some establishments such as the ARMA Museum offer classes for children, so they can learn the local dances or how to play the gamelan. Kids will also have a great time in the market, with so many hand-crafted toys and kites to choose from.


Most restaurants serve food that appeals to kids, and if not, they’ll be happy to prepare something that doesn’t appear on the menu. Supplies for Babies Supermarkets tend to cater to children’s needs, stocking baby food and toiletries, but these are expensive when imported. Good local alternatives to Western imports are rice, bananas and eggs. Make sure your children drink only bottled water.

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