In just about one month’s time, on the 20th of May to be precise, TEDx Ubud 2017 is going to roll out its event in a brand new venue, the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets in Mas, one of the best kept secrets in Ubud. It’s a lovely venue, with an amazing collection of Indonesian masks and puppets set in spacious, manicured gardens. What’s more, most of the event is going to take place in the evening, out in the open air in the brand new amphitheater. The theme for this 6th TEDx Ubud?

“Make the Light”.

Got your attention? It got ours. So we asked ourselves why “Make the Light”? And then we looked at the line-up. There’s a scientist working with fire. OK that qualifies. Then there’s a Singaporean who has just invented the world’s first commercial astronomy camera (yep the event will be under the stars). A famous Balinese shadow puppeteer who has wowed audiences around the world with his modern renditions of Wayang. A visual artist who can bend light at will. Makes sense no?

But we decided to ask organizers Daniela Burr and Mila Shwaiko anyway. This is what they told us:

“Few sensations feel better than when your mind does a backflip and, all of a sudden, you are able to see things in new and unexpected ways. In preparing the program, we took a closer look at ideas of light and dark. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see, so much of what happens at night is still a secret, but the dark hours have given us humans the material and space to tell some of our best stories, and that’s what TEDxUbud at night (our first night event!) is designed to explore.”

Ah ok, the backflip thing would explain why they have included the founder of one of Indonesia’s unicorn startups who was praised (in the flesh no less) by NASA recently at a show in the USA; a fascinating Japanese contemporary dancer raised in Turkey, who draws inspiration from Bali and performs internationally; a member of International BBC 100 Women List; a mosquito whisperer (yes you heard that); an band with a Rolling Stone Indonesia Top Album (2016) to it’s credit.

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Oh, and to make sure we got warmed up for the backflips, the organizers even gave us some links to read. We thought you might want to read them too.


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