Odeck Ariawan is the owner of several small businesses in Ubud including Betelnut on Jalan Raya, the contemporary Asian noodle and satay  restaurant and music lounge, home to much of Ubud’s best nightlife. Odeck sees business as a playing field to the constant train of his spiritual growth, and also – whenever possible –  as an output of his creative soul.  A community activist, Odeck has been involved in founding environmental foundations in Bali. Catriona Mitchell put our quickfire Personality Q&A to him:

A book that changed your life?

When I was 12 and read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, I learned how powerful story telling is, when ordinary things become extraordinary.

Also Kho Ping Ho’s fiction on Shaolin Kung Fu in the 70’s; so popular among predominately Muslim Indonesians, introducing practical Buddhism values.

Best way to spend a weekend?

Mountain biking, mass quantities of late breakfast, catching up on reading newspapers and magazines, spooning, and watching movies.

Your biggest concern about the future?

We are too late to change our system in this world and the way we think. So we have destroyed our earth.

Your favourite time of day?

Early morning sun.

What makes you laugh?

Foolish and silliness in myself,  or reflected in others.

Most overrated?


Most underrated?

Compassion and humbleness.

Most looking forward to?

A new world order, inspired by the Zeitgeist movement. [see www.thezeitgeistmovement.com – ed.]

Your earliest childhood memory?

As an urban kid  at 10 years old, when I had just moved from Jakarta to Ubud, a boy handed me a bee and it stung me. This humbled me.

“People are surprised that I…”

Am Balinese and I have an opinion.

Irrational fear of?

Being misunderstood.

What defines success?

Little things we do unselfishly, that create our contentment.

Your favourite musician?

Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Would like to meet?

Gandhi, and people behind the Zeitgeist movement.

Your favourite meal?

The last meal I ate.

Your hidden talent

I don’t know, it’s hiding, and I’m not looking either.

Your personal motto?

If we find a way of improving spiritual growth in our lives, we are lucky.