Pretty busy weekend what with Independence Day etc, but we were lucky to at least catch the last night of the UbudVillage Jazz Festival 2019 at ARMA – great setting with three stages and an engaged audience! Here is a little taste of the action..

photos©Rio Helmi

Top, Above, and Below: Dian Pratiwi, still sizzling!

Above Nancy Ponto Quintet “Tribute to Ismail Marzuki” Below: Nancy Ponto belting it out – what a range!

Above and Below: Astrid Sulaiman putting it out, with feeling, for the Yuri Mahatma Quartet

Above and Below: Red-hot percussionist Gustu Brahmanta  (Yuri Mahatma Quartet), born and raised in the tradition of gamelan,  laying it down fast and hard. Explosive, layered rhythms, unpredictable – and (forgive us) bang on!

Above and the two Below: Lively moments in the vocalists section of the HajarBleh big band, the audience grabbing closing numbers of the festivals.



Above HajarBleh’s flautist… Below: HajarBleh’s ‘arrangement’

Below: a wider look at the main stage “Giri”


Below: Everyone wants to take a bit home..



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