During the Eid al Fitr (Idul Fitri in Indonesian) prayers early in the morning at Denpasar’s Puputan field in Renon, thousands of Muslims came to offer prayers and celebrate the end of fasting month. Most photographers ended up gravitating to the women’s section which was much ore colourful and most of the kids were there with their mothers. Balloon sellers, needless to say, made a killing. Here’s what Rio Helmi caught in his lenses:


Women and a child make their way to the women’s section at the back of the congregation.

Selfie time even at the prayer site.

An elderly woman sits on a stool

A devoted daughter adjusts the ‘mukenah’ of her aging, infirm mother.

Young girls looking out for friends.

A young girl with her spiderman balloon

Aa solemn moment during the prayer

Children playwhile mothers and older sisters pray.

Balloons are a hot item this morning to keep the kids occupied with Sponge Bob well represented.

Hello Kitty about to get a beating from a balloon mallet

Mobile phones seem to interest even the cartoon character balloon.

The layered look as women and girls get their ‘mukenah’ (prayer garb) on

Intergenerational selfies.


all photos copyright Rio Helmi

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