While it continues to bucket down in Ubud, a new green product has hit the shelves of the Eco Shop in Jalan Dewi Sita to address the dramatic need for rain protection during the wet season. The Biowear Eco Poncho offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to pure plastic, hazardous products that locals and tourists use every day. While tourists can use the eco poncho for the duration of their vacation while in Bali, and then take it home with them, it’s also durable enough that residents can use it for an entire rainy season. 

Struck by how ingenious this sounds, Ubud Now & Then spoke to the Eco Shop to learn more about it.


What is the eco poncho made of?

It’s made from the starches from crops such as corn, soy and sunflower, which are transformed into a bioplastic, or “an organic cellulose.” What this mean is, the Biowear eco poncho is made from all natural bio-plastics whose properties and characteristics are similar to traditional plastics, but at the same time are certified “biodegradable and compostable” (under ISO 17088, EN13432 standard for Europe, ASTM D-6400, ASTM D-6868 standards for the United States, and under the Australian Standard 4736-06.)

Another great fact about this material is that these crops are being produced on non-genetically engineered farms.


What’s the eco poncho like to wear?

It’s lightweight yet durable, windproof, waterproof, and most importantly, 100% eco-friendly.

What is the design like?

The eco poncho is printed with eco friendly, water-based inks with the Biowear logo displayed on the back. You can choose between three bold designs on the front. It’s available in both large and small sizes.

How durable is it?

This poncho will not melt, fall apart or disintegrate after one of two rainfalls. It will easily stand up to an entire rainy season or longer. Of course, like any other traditional poncho, the better you treat it, the longer it will last. Rips and tears can happen with the Biowear eco poncho as easily as any other vinyl or plastic poncho.

It’s durable enough that locals can use it for an entire rainy season, and tourists can use it for the duration of their vacation, both knowing that when they’re finished with it, they can compost it, bury it or just toss it in the trash, with a clear conscience.

Once discarded, how long does the poncho take to decompose?

It will decompose in about a year, and will actually become a protein for the eco-system. How good does that feel?  Just by using a Biowear eco poncho, you can help fight this epidemic of plastic waste on Bali, leaving you with a clean island, and a clear conscience!


What’s the most responsible way to dispose of the eco poncho?

The quickest, most efficient way is to simply toss it into your food waste or compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, bury it in your garden, lawn or a field anywhere. In several months, it will be gone.


Here’s the great thing about the Biowear eco poncho in a worst case scenario: somehow your poncho gets thrown into the regular garbage, doesn’t make its way to a properly managed waste landfill and ends up back in a stream, river or ocean. Yes, it will be another unattractive piece of garbage floating in and around Bali’s waterways. However, this piece of garbage isn’t like all the others. Because this is a bio-plastic, even in a marine environment, it will biodegrade into healthy proteins in about a year.


So regardless of how you dispose of your Biowear eco poncho or wherever it ends up, you can feel good about it knowing that you are being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

The Eco Poncho retails at 125,000Rp. + tax

image009Biowear is a new PT based in South Bali, started by three guys who wanted to make and sell ‘a better product’.  After extensive research, their first product is the eco poncho.

The Ubud Eco Shop, also known “Little Green Shop”, is located on corner of Jl Dewi Sita and Jl Goutama, and is open 11-7 daily except Monday. The shop is a part of www.indonesiaorganic.com

Retailers please note: Ubud Eco Shop is also actively looking for other retailers to sell the eco poncho. Help spread the word about this great initiative by contacting 0361 970060 during business hours, and asking to speak with the manager, or by emailing support@indonesiaorganic.com