Below is a series of highlights from the extraordinary exhibition of traditional Balinese painting at Ubud’s Museum Puri Lukisan, which finishes on 7th November. Don’t miss it! The exhibition includes 69 paintings by Ketut Madra of Peliatan and 22 other artists, all working in the oldest style of Balinese painting and telling the ancient Hindu and Buddhist legends of Bali’s shadow puppet theater or ‘wayang kulit’. Enjoy the show!




The exhibition features images of Balinese cosmology and…



1. Deities of the Directions, by Wayan Suweca, Kamasan, 1973



… epic stories of gods and heroes, and demons and servants.


2. Hanoman receives his Kain Poleng from Siwa, Ketut Madra, Peliatan, 1973



It includes familiar scenes from the Ramayana


3. Jatayu Battles Rawana to Recover Dewi Sita, Ketut Madra, Peliatan, 1973


… with comparisons of different artists from different eras.


4. Jatayu Battles Rawana to Recover Dewi Sita, JatayuRawana, Meregeg, Ubud, 1925



The next four slides show works by Kt. Madra and Gusti Kt. Kobot,…


5. Kresna Confronts the Demon Boma, Ketut Madra, Peliatan, 1973




… two masters who advanced modern wayang painting.


6. Kresna Confronts the Demon Boma, Gusti Kt Kobot, Pengosekan, 1953




Madra and Kobot both studied under Tjokorda Oka Gambir,…


7. Young Hanoman and the Sun God, Surya, Ketut Madra, Peliatan, 1973



… Madra in the late 1950s, Kobot in the mid-1930s.


8. Young Hanoman and the Sun God, Surya, Gusti Kt Kobot, Pengosekan, 1960s?



Gods on the left, demons on the right battle for the elixir of immortality.


9. Pemuteran Mandara Giri, Mangku Mura, Kamasan, 1973



A masterpiece from the Museum Puri Lukisan showing a Tantri fable.


10. Dharmaswami with Snake, Monkey and Tiger, Ida Bagus Gelgel, Kamasan, 1935



If you’d like to learn more, the exhibition’s curator, David Irons, will be appearing in conversation with Diana Darling on Tuesday 5th November, from 7.30pm. David will share his expertise about traditional Balinese art.