“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Under new organization since 2013, Bali’s annual Earth Day will be held on 26 & 27 April 2014 in the sacred grounds of Blahkiuh Village Temple, just west of Ubud.  Mark your calendars and bring the whole family! The event, which will run from 10 am to 6 pm both days, will focus on challenging and significant environmental issues facing Bali and solutions to those problems – and includes a program for children as well as adults.


Earth Day Organizer Darsih Jutawan, general manager of Indonesia Organic, says plans for Earth Day include bringing together an inspiring mix of NGOs, entrepreneurs and experts.


“There are already hundreds of people and organizations working in different ways and approaches to improve the environment and make Bali a better place. We want them to share their knowledge, expertise, products and services with the community,” said Ms. Jutawan.


“There will be more than 20 booths and workshop spaces showcasing solution providers, educators, Yayasans, eco friendly products, and more. We want those attending to become more aware about environmental issues, learn more about solutions available in Bali and then leave the event enthusiastically committed to engage and take their own positive actions.”


Activities will include (but are by no means not limited to) information sessions and workshops on animal advocacy, organic rice, composting, children’s painting, HIV/AIDS information, organic building tips and termite treatment, using natural house products, skin care and using natural beauty products, women’s education, Permaculture education, waste education, affordable clean drinking water technology, recycling and worm composting.


The 2-day event will also feature food, live music, green documentaries, product presentations, and a silent auction and raffle with great prizes.


Ms Juwatan says that in putting Earth Day together, her ultimate mission is to inspire and create change, arming local people with the knowledge of how to bring about those necessary changes. This applies mostly the Indonesian community in Bali, but also to non-Indonesians. “All are important to a successful event – and to change,” she says. “So many Indonesians don’t have access to information and solutions.”


Stay updated on Earth Day’s Facebook page here.


There is still space for vendors and sponsors at the upcoming Earth Day 2014. For more information, contact admin@indonesiaorganic.com , or call 0361 970060 during office hours.


Media inquiries:Darsih Jutawan – darsih@indonesiaorganic.com