The new Bumi Sehat clinic in Nyuh Kuning, Ubud officially opens today. It has been more than 20 years since midwife Robin Lim set up her Bumi Sehat foundation. This year one of the first babies that she helped into this world, Xenia Blair, daughter of late cinematographer Lorne Blair, returned for a short stint in Bali to do her internship as a photographer with Rio Helmi. Here she presents part of her main photo project in Bali.

all photos ©Xenia Blair

robin-and-kidsRobin Lim with a just a few of the thousands of children she has either delivered of cared for in Bali, here at her home in Nyuh Kuning.


novi-singingPutu Novi, left, born 2007, at prayer at school during full moon day.


indra-weaving_3Putu Indra, born in 2004 weaving a special mat for rituals at school on full moon day.


ninas-dancing-classPutu Indra’s little sister, Nina, born in 2010, takes her second dance lesson ever, after school in Nyuh Kuning.


deamon-chilling-on-the-bikeWayan Deamon, born ca 2009 , in front of the old Bumi Sehat clinic in Nyuh Kuning, which has now moved.


crossing-the-roadKadek (center), born 2009, running to the soccer field to join in community clean up.


komangKomang Mur, born 2006, in traditional attire for a ceremony at school.


elly-and-hani-looking-at-squishies-on-the-tabletEllyanna, left, born 2006, was born by emergency cesaerian after her mother had prenatal care at Bumi Sehat, and later was adopted by Robin Lim.


boys-of-the-yoga-martGunter, front row, born 2006, hangs out with his buddies at the Yoga Mart in Nyuh Kuning.


hani-getting-icecreamHanisa, born 2009, buys an ice cream from a mobile vendor. Her older brother died in a hospital before she was born due to allergy to medication.


smug-putuPutu Radit left, born 2006 by waterbirth, with a friend during a ceremony in Nyuh Kuning.

pestering-radaKadek Rada, on bike, born 2005 – in a typical interaction of boys and girls her age.


laughing-rimbaRimba, the daughter of Robin Lim’s step-daughter Lakota, born earlier this year by a home water birth.


kids-playing-with-a-stickBoys in Nyuh Kuning play together, quite happily improvising with simple things like a bamboo pole.

rada-dancing_2                                       With love from Bumi Sehat!!