Compiled by Catriona Mitchell

“There must be a time we are judged as individuals, not as women exercising power”- Anne Summers, Australia

“Indonesia isn’t the most beautiful country in the world. I don’t think so. Italy is much lovelier – and France too. It’s a very problematic country. And that’s why you have to stay here for the rest of your life. Indonesia is a process. It’s not a finished idea. It’s a practice, and a trial and error.” – Goenawan Mohamad, Indonesia

“Feminism is small revolutions, every day” – Manju Kapur, India

“Don’t give in to hate – it puts you off balance” – Michael Leunig, Australia

“Let’s petition the Pope to tell Abbott what he thinks of Australia’s refugee policy” – Julian Burnside, Australia

“Love is a glimpse of hope. To love is to hope. When we abandon hope, we cease to exist.” – Richard Flanagan, Australia

“We have a very foolish notion in Western countries that progress delivers freedom. But progress doesn’t necessarily bring moral virtue.” – Richard Flanagan, Australia

“Film is the art of turning money into light, and light into money. But it begins with money.” – Richard Flanagan, Australia

“I am not fearless, but I’m not overtaken by fear. Fear is quite an interesting animal. It’s like a pet. If you mistreat it, it will bite, but if you understand it and accept it in your house, it might protect you.” – Lydia Cacho, Mexico

“The fact that I can talk about this openly doesn’t mean it doesn’t touch me every time I talk about it” – Lydia Cacho, Mexico (on being raped, a weapon used in an attempt to silence her)

“The first time I saw blood and dead bodies, I could not sleep or eat for a week – but then it became routine” – Agustinus Wibowo, Indonesia (on Afghanistan)

“I can’t explain their resilience, but they have it, no doubt about it. Especially as an Australian, you’re invading their country and they’re still nice to you and you think I don’t deserve this” – Ben Quilty, Australia (on working as a war artists in Afghanistan)

“The price you pay for being in love in Iran: if you’re in love without marriage, somebody will die.” – Kooshyar Karimi, Iran

‘Why do we pick on the boat people? Once we’ve answered that question, we might be able to re-establish ourselves as a decent democracy.” – Julian Burnside, Australia

“History is a promise that is always broken in the end” – Goenawan Mohamad, Indonesia