Once again this year’s festival has brought them in – yogis and yoginis, yogi wannabes, flocks of feathers and leathers, spandex clad city dwellers seeking the sun and jungle, earnest school kids – you name it. Bali Spirit Festival, in its 8th incarnation, once again managed to pull in almost two thousand attendees, and if one included all the local visitors the numbers would probably come in higher than last year.

Kadek Gunartha, founder and currently Cultural and Local Liaison of the festival, said in a short phone interview that last year was the first year the festival turned a profit, which allowed it to fund the various social projects with which it is associated. “Until last year we were losing money. in 2014 we made a US$20,000 profit which we plowed into our various community projects. And this year, though I haven’t seen the numbers yet, it looks like we might turn a profit again which will be great for those projects. Overall from our side things were better organized this year thanks to the many volunteers who helped out. Even the food vendors sold out every day.”

Most importantly, there was something for everyone during the daytime at Purnati Estate – yoga, capoeira, watsu, Balinese dance, Indian/New York bhangra dance workouts, tai-chi, pole dancing, chanting, lots of cosmic stuff, and kids’ activities. Even edible, organic vegan bikinis were available (just kidding).



Putu Evie Hatch introduces a class into the basics of Balinese dance.



Some of the more accomplished yogis…



And some of the more exotic ones


Our very own Amanda Koh



whichever way is up….


A little ink, a little elegantissima



A little help from my friends – Petros Haffenrichter is, umm, hands-on…



Noah Maze is acknowledged as one of the great all-round yoga teachers – but the festival literature didn’t tell us that he is funny too! Mixed in with serious instruction there was plenty of humor in his class this day.



Don’t try this at home…



And lots of fun in Rebecca Pflaum’s class too!




hold it…



What’s going on here?



Anyway we’re not trying anything except maybe gelato…



Oh wait a minute there is some fun kids stuff to do – you mean this is yoga?



Even a  touch of Bali



Everybody has a secret graffiti artist in them somewhere.



Sarina Jain wants you!



Back by popular, sweaty demand. “I love sweat” she said during one of her  Masala Bhangra classes. Yep.



Sarina explains how to kick ass: “Get in touch with your inner male”. Heheh.


Toni Childs leads her “be beautiful in the morning” class.



And the School of Breath.



And the gentle Michael Hallock helps them to float away during Watsu.

It’s over now. Five busy, action-packed days stretching and sweating and enjoying. As the exhausted organizers and crew catch their breath, there are already ideas floating for the next year. See you then!


photos and text Rio Helmi