Ancient Futures: NewEarth Festival, 5-9 April, will take place at Villa Akasha, a fifteen-minute drive north of Ubud, in the village of Keliki – by Richard Horstmann


Encompassing wisdom and knowledge from the past and present the festival features a world-class line-up of speakers, innovators, artists and musicians. Visionaries and influencers within the field of sustainability and wellbeing such as Dan Winter, Dr David Luke, Thomas Joseph Brown, and the Founder of New Earth Nation, Sacha Stone will facilitate talks and workshops.

A key focus of the event will be the program of the Symposium that aims to inspire by providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas. It will host over 20 talks, panel discussions, workshops, and films.

Web technologies expert Fabian Vogelsteller will discuss blockchain, smart contracts and the Web 3.0 on Thursday 6th April, from 11:30 am. Dr. Nancy Ash from the New Earth University will host: Altruistically Building Community, from 4:30 pm Saturday 8th April.

Other topics include: Art & Consciousness, Learning From The Ancients To Find Solutions For the Future, Accessing The Creative Spirit, Conscious Living: A New Paradigm For The Future of Media, and Sacred Earth Medicine.

Alongside the Symposium will be an array of workshops from respected facilitators including yoga, transformational breathing, cacao ceremonies and meditation. The evening’s celebrations include world music and sacred sounds along with dance and spectacular performances.

Together with new technology and innovations will be the sharing of traditional knowledge from a Council of Wisdom Keepers. Representatives from the first nations people from around the world will be communicating their knowledge in talks, healings and ceremony throughout the festival.

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