Feel inspired to do a bit of word-smithing, Ubud style? Join us in building our all-new Ubud glossary, to capture the spirit of the times!

Rio Helmi’s creative juices were flowing the other night, when he penned the following terms…

Debud (day-bood) :  Self re-invention through first appearance on stage at Betelnut, Bar Luna, or Hubud.

Whobud  (hoo-bood) :  You’ve made your mark in the local expat community.

Forbuding (for-bood-ing) : A nagging feeling that the paradise you came to live in is evaporating.

Purity (poo-ree-tee)  : Having a “special” relationship with local royalty or at least one of the Palaces.

Transpot (trance-spot) :  Being taken to another space after watching the local fire-dance.

Whayaning (why-an-ing) : Bitching about how your hapless Balinese staff doesn’t understand your detailed and clear instructions in English.

Ombudsman (om-budsman) : A self appointed representative of the universe, wearing the distinctive leathers and feathers uniform,  walking down Dewi Sita being at one with nature (but still trying to buy a young coconut for Rp 500).

Confoodled : Suddenly not knowing where things start or end in your new life in Paradise, especially in regards to the real estate you just “bought”.

Bamboozled :  (This was originally coined by Karim Rabik, son of the Queen of Bamboo, Linda Garland). You get the picture.

Nyoman’s Land : The plot you thought you leased legally but as it turns out belongs to Ketut.

…And now we invite you to send in your own Ubud terms! We’ll publish them in our 2nd glossary next month (crediting you, of course.)

Please write to us at info@ubudnowandthen.com, or send us a private message on our Facebook page.

A prize will go to the most inventive Ubud term to be published next month (or the one that makes us laugh the loudest!)