August 17th 2015 was the 70th Anniversary of the declaration of Indonesia’s independence, and as such is celebrated throughout the country, some of it formally, and some is more like a fun fair. And the area around Ubud is no exception. A blog post in images by Rio Helmi.

_RIO5175Kid’s marching bands are a staple at the flag raising ceremony.


_RLH7880And after the flag raising fanfair, a packet of rice is a de rigeur staple!


_RLH7870A balloon vendor tries his luck


_RLH7884The usual school kid’s traffic scrum after the morning event.


_RIO5161Getting out of a crammed parking space with a baby and balloon is a bit of a challenge


_RLH8031…and in the afternoon a perennial favorite is the greased pole with prizes on top – anything goes!



_RLH8050The greased pole is definitely a crowd pleaser…


_RLH8061The obligatory selfie…


_RIO5027And then the marching band swings into action (right in front of the awards)


_RIO5017Swinging and action


_RLH8097A “Bhaktinegara” martial arts group stands by for their performance


_RIO5186One gets the impression she was photographed a lot today…


_RIO5084Though the master of ceremonies asked the school kids to pick up the trash but only the local military commander actually did it…


_RIO5101The flag corps marches by the “Inspector of Ceremony” – all very serious


_RLH8282Finally, as the sun drops in the west, the flag comes down.



all photographs ©Rio Helmi